Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 9 Results

Week 9 was the Attack of the Bubble! 2 of the 3 top finishers were on the Top-9 bubble going into tonight's contest, and are now in the Top 9 heading into the final week. Laxstarr1995 finally woke up and played some poker, taking down first after a grueling heads-up battle. EJ89 continued a solid season, adding a second place finish to go along with two previous wins, and ravensfutbal took third and also scored the bounty on maddoggy44.

Updated Top 9:

EJ89 (2) 144.05
maddoggy44 (1) 140.75
themerk08 114.19
potnets (1) 108.25
laxstarr1995 (1) 102.96
nekendrick 97.30
Ehonda500Mob (1) 96.52
HiRoller88 94.34
ravensfutbal 87.53

On the Top 9 bubble:

UAEgreg 86.29
nutzforU(1) 81.68
A7X CHAPTER4 74.10
raquel1988 71.37

Next week is Week 10, the final regular season game before the Championship game for the Top 9. Also, keep an eye out this week for Season 2 details.

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