Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 1 Results

Wow, what a great turnout for the kickoff to Season 2! 22 players went at it in the HORSE tourney, and there are still more players interested in the league. Thanks for playing everyone!

We are going with cash bounties this season, and Biggfella brought down the first one, taking out last season's champion, EJ89. Not content with freerolling the tournament, Biggfella proceeded to win the tournament as well, making him next week's target. xICEPICKx chipped out second, and LaxStarr1995 took down third.


The leaderboard:

biggfella(1) 41.9
xICEPICKx 28.17
laxstarr1995 22.08
c2d2 18.45
nekendrick 15.98
hvillethugg 12.73
RLD93 11.58
FiveFingerz 10.63
BmoreBilly 9.83
EJ89 9.14
ravensfutbal 8.54
potnets 8.01
XPreacherX 7.54
degenizens 7.11
goateedude 6.73
themerk08 6.38
rusdog13 6.06
raquel1988 5.76
highslot84 5.49
HiRoller88 5.24
Arcturus 5

Next week's format is everyone's favorite, Razz.

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