Thursday, January 8, 2009

MD DonkFest Season 2!!

Season 2 is fast approaching, and league fees are now being accepted. Season 1 was a lot of fun - we are hoping for an even bigger turnout for Season 2. Season 2 Week 1 will kick off January 27 at 9pm EST.

League fee: $15, all of which goes into the league prize pool. The Season 2 prize pool will have an additional $50 added to it.

Preferred payment method is via PokerStars transfer to potnets (Severna Park). Please make sure you transfer to the right account!

Based on earlier polling, Season 2 will feature a mixed games format. Season 3 will be back to NL Holdem, Season 4 mixed, and so on.

Season 2 schedule:

Week 1: HORSE
Week 2: Razz
Week 3: Holdem Lim
Week 4: Omaha H/L Lim
Week 5: Stud
Week 6: Holdem NL Heads Up
Week 7: Omaha PL
Week 8: HOSE
Week 9: Holdem PL
Week 10: Stud H/L

Championship: HORSE

League Policy Updates

1) Sitting out - Any player that registers for a tourney but doesn't actually play any hands (i.e. sits out until blinded off) will receive last place points and all players finishing below that player will move up a place. It is OK (and even encouraged) to register to get 5 points for a tourney you can't attend, but it isn't fair to get more points than an active player in that case. You must actually play at least one hand to get more than last place points.

2) Non-league players - Non-league players are welcome to play in any regular league tournaments. This only increases the weekly prize pool, and league points are only awarded to active league players. No league points will be awarded retroactively should a player later join the league. Of course, anyone playing in these tournaments is welcome and encouraged to join the league!

Finally, thanks to everyone who helped make Season 1 a success, and good luck in Season 2!


Anonymous said...

what is or how does the point season work??? is it posted somewhere? cause i have no idea.


Wayne W. said...

Basically, everyone that plays in a league tourney gets points based on where they finish. Last place gets 5 points, then they ramp up from there and are weighted so the top finishers get considerably more than lower finishers. The actual formula is a heavily guarded secret. :-)

For the season it is simple - add up all the points and whoever has the most wins.

Anonymous said...

i understand that. i mean what does 1st get compared to 5th compared to 9th. i as well as greg would just like to know the formula/equation. for strategery sake as pes. bush would say. you could e-mail them to me if you like.