Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EJ89 Crowned Season 1 Champ

The Season 1 Championship featured a 2 point bounty on all players. HiRoller88 announced early in the tournament that he would need all of the bounties to have a chance at 3rd place in the league. He then proceeded to scoop all but one of the bounties while steamrolling to a convincing win in the tournament. The bounty points combined with the first place win moved him into the 3rd spot. Nice job!

EJ89 continued his league dominance, placing second and easily maintaining his overall league lead. EJ89 is our Season 1 League Champion.

Potnets came back from near elimination early on, rebuilding a 140 chip stack and hanging on to take third place. That was not enough to hold on to the 3rd place spot in the league, however.

Maddoggy44 was knocked out early on when a flopped full house was bested by a better full house. Maddoggy44's second place points in the league were not in danger, however.

The Championship Tourney results:

The final Season 1 league points:

EJ89 (2) 181.75
maddoggy44 (1) 156.23
HiRoller88 (1)
potnets (2) 141.98
themerk08 127.89
nekendrick 119.62
laxstarr1995 (1) 118.91
Ehonda500Mob (1) 104.94
ravensfutbal 101.33
UAEgreg 91.29
A7X CHAPTER4 89.10
nutzforU(1) 81.68
raquel1988 78.62
BaltoBruiser 67.27
FiveFingerz 62.55
xICEPICKx (1) 61.23
Craig1625 (1) 50.00
Kore89 32.09
mxrider 19.93
DarkRattler 7.02

EJ89 wins $155, maddoggy44 wins $93 and HiRoller88 wins $62. Congratulations! The money will be transferred sometime tomorrow.

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