Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 10 Results

First of all, thanks to everyone who played for making our inaugural season a success! Hopefully everyone had a good time and we can keep this league going and growing.

Week 10 brought our regular season to a close. Nekendrick scored the 5 point bounty when he took out laxstarr1995. AX7CHAPTER4 took down third in a valiant effort but came up just short of making the top 9. EJ89 closed out a very impressive season that included 2 wins by taking down second. Potnets became the league's second 2-time winner by finishing with the win.

The results:

The regular season Top 9 that will play in the Championship Tourney:

EJ89 (2) 163.54
maddoggy44 (1) 149.89
potnets (2) 137.89
themerk08 122.28
nekendrick 114.62
laxstarr1995 (1) 108.91
HiRoller88 104.83
Ehonda500Mob (1) 96.52
ravensfutbal 94.08


NOTE: There are some scheduling conflicts for some of the players next Tuesday. We are in the process of rescheduling and will announce the new date shortly.

Season 2 (mixed games) will start after the conclusion of the Championship Tourney. See this post for details, and if you know anyone who would like to play please spread the word!

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