Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Championship Tourney Changes and a Scoring Change

Scoring Change
Last season we attempted to accommodate late-joining players by "seeding" them with a few points. This season and going forward we will instead drop the lowest score from everyone's 10-week season. This is a simpler system will still help late joiners, but will also be fair to everyone else since it can be difficult to attend every tourney for 10 weeks. Starting after Week 5 the points listings will reflect the dropping of the lowest score for each player.

Championship Tourney
We are making some changes to the Championship Tourney to make it more competitive and meaningful. It will still consist of the Top 9 8 players from the season and the players with the most points going into the Championship will still have an advantage, but there will now be more opportunities to gain in points. The rest of this post outlines those changes.

Top 9
We originally set the mixed games Championship format to be HORSE, but HORSE only seats 8 at a table and we want to keep the Top 9 concept across seasons. Therefore, the Championship Tourney format for mixed games will be PLHE.

Top 8

Based on league player's feedback, we will stick with the HORSE format for the Championship, with the Top 8 from the league advancing to the final.

Championship Buy-in
Since there are only 9 8 people in the Championship Tourney the buy-in will be $10+1 to increase the tourney payout.

There will still be a bounty on everyone in the Championship, but it will be a weighted bounty based on the leaderboard going into the tourney, as follows:

Place Bounty
1) 8 pts
2) 7 pts
3) 6 pts
4) 5 pts
5) 4 pts
6) 3 pts
7) 2 pts
8) 1 pt

Bonus points
There will be additional bonus points for finishing in the money in the Championship, as follows:

Place Bonus
1) 20 pts
2) 10 pts
3) 5 pts

Comments welcome, as always.


THEMERK said...

looks good. i wish we had the 8 game mix in there though.

Wayne W. said...

Teah, not an option today, but as we go along maybe PS will add it (or set up up for us as a special game).

Anonymous said...

Great changes. A+