Thursday, January 22, 2009

Season 2 Ready To Get Underway

Season 2 of the MD DonkFest Poker League will get started Tuesday, January 27. If you haven't joined yet, now is the time to do it. The league fee is just $15, all of which goes into the league prize pool. To join, transfer $15 on PokerStars to potnets (Severna Park).

The league seasons alternate between NL Holdem and Mixed Games - Season 2 will be Mixed Games. The first tournament of the year will be HORSE. Don't feel intimidated if you aren't familiar with some of the other games - they are fairly easy to figure out and being a friendly league you can always ask for help. Learning some games beyond Holdem is a great way to improve your poker skills overall.

There will be changes to the Championship Tourney posted shortly that will make the Championship more competitive. The points leaders will still have an advantage, but others will have more of a chance to make up ground. Stay tuned...

Here is the schedule for Season 2:

Week 1: HORSE
Week 2: Razz
Week 3: Holdem Lim
Week 4: Omaha H/L Lim
Week 5: Stud
Week 6: Holdem NL Heads Up
Week 7: Omaha PL
Week 8: HOSE
Week 9: Holdem PL
Week 10: Stud H/L

Championship: HORSE

Finally, if you know others who would like to play please feel free to invite them - the more the merrier...

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Ehonda said...

Wayne, Lock Kenny up for this season , easier just have me pass along the PW for each game to him, I'll send you his and my league fees also...E