Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Season 7 Champion: ravensfutbal

Going into the Championship Tournament, it looked like it was going to be tough to overcome the point totals of the Top 3. With the bonus and bounty points in the tournament, however, everything is up for grabs.

ravensfutbal took advantage of an early potnets exit, a couple of bounties and a solid second place finish to slip past potnets and win the League Champion title. Congrats ravensfutbal!

EJ89 started the tournament in 7th place, but was able to take down several bounties and outlast ravensfutbal in a long heads-up battle to win the tournament and edge COLUMBIADC for the league third place spot. potnets took second in the league.

The league payouts:

1) ravensfutbal, $90
2) potnets, $54
3) EJ89, $36

The Championship Tournament bonus points:

1) EJ89, 20 pts
2) ravensfutbal, 10 pts
3) fatwilbur87, 5 pts

The Championship Tournament bounties:

BeardieDog, 15 pts (9 potnets, 6 HiRoller88)
EJ89, 13 pts (8 ravensfutbal, 3 EJ89, 2 fatwilbur87
ravensfutbal, 8 pts (7 COLUMBIADC, 1 nekendrick)
fatwilbur87, 5 pts (5 BeardieDog)
potnets, 4 pts (4 thetoycave)

The Championship Tournament results:

The final Season 7 standings:

ravensfutbal(2) 177.24
potnets(3) 174.42
EJ89© 143.10
COLUMBIADC(2) 134.80
BeardieDog 116.95
HiRoller88(3) 114.64
fatwilbur87 103.78
thetoycave 95.57
nekendrick 79.57
big-e5960 33.58
Occhawk 19.83

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all that played this season! We will be taking a break for a while (probably the remainder of the year) and then make a decision on Season 8.