Sunday, April 25, 2010

Season 6 Championship

It's Championship Week, and congratulations to the Top 8 players that will be competing Tuesday May 4: COLUMBIADC, potnets, HiRoller88, Parrot2006, ravensfutbal, MagnetEng, EJ89 and Gonavy25. Here are the tournament details:

Format: HORSE
Buy-in: $10+$1
Date: Tuesday, May 4
Time: 9pm EST
Tourney ID: 265818570
Tourney Name: MD DonkFest S6CH
Tourney Password: emailed to participants

NOTE: Due to the way PokerStars currently runs private tournaments we are unable to disable late registration or limit the players to 8. Because of this, the tournament will start on two tables until the late registration period ends. I tried to get this changed but could not; PokerStars has said they will consider adding this feature in the future.

As we did last season, in addition to the regular scoring there will be bonus points for the top 3 tournament winners, along with a weighted bounty system.

Bonus points
There will be additional bonus points for finishing in the money in the Championship Tournament, as follows:

Place Bonus
1) 20 pts
2) 10 pts
3) 5 pts

There will be a bounty on everyone in the Championship, but it will be a weighted bounty based on the leaderboard going into the tourney, as follows:

Place Bounty
9 pts
8 pts
3)HiRoller88 7 pts
4)Parrot2006 6 pts
5)ravensfutbal 5 pts
6)MagnetEng 4 pts
7)EJ89 3 pts
8)Gonavy25 2 pts

The tournament winner will NOT keep his own bounty. There are a lot of points up for grabs in this tournament!

The league prize pool for Season 2 is $250. Three places will be paid based on overall league points for the season, as follows:

1st place - $125.00
2nd place - $75.00
3rd place - $50.00

Good luck everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Scoop on SCOOP

Some helpful SCOOP videos:

How to Play 8 Game Mix

How to Play Badugi

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 10 Results

The final regular week of Season 6 was Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, with a Sunday Million ticket also on the line for the league points leader following the tourney. We had 10 players for the tourney. HiRoller88 came in third, Parrot2006 took second, and potnets was the tournament winner. With the win potnets also picked up the season's second Sunday Million ticket courtesy of PokerStars.

The results:

The final Top 8:

COLUMBIADC(2) 156.36
potnets(2) 154.50
HiRoller88 136.81
Parrot2006(1) 124.03
ravensfutbal(1) 115.04
MagnetEng 109.58
EJ89(1) 104.40
Gonavy25(1) 101.74

These eight players will compete in the Championship Tournament to be held on May 4. Details of the Championship Tournament to follow.

Thanks to everyone for playing this season! We will take about a 6-8 week break, then kick off Season 7 with a format of NL Holdem. It would be great to have a strong turnout, especially with PokerStars once again generously providing TWO Sunday Million tickets.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Game Day!

Week 10 tonight, the final regular game of the season. The points leader after tonight (excluding Week 4 winner COLUMBIADC) will receive a Sunday Million entry generously provided by PokerStars. Also, the Top 8 after t0night's tourney will play in next week's Championship HORSE tournament to determine the season winner.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 10 Reminder

The eligible points leader after Week 10 will win the second Sunday Million ticket provided to the league by PokerStars. Note that the same player cannot win both tickets, so COLUMBIADC is not eligible.

Week 9 Results

There was a hitch on game day, with the tournament time being 1pm instead of 9pm. This wasn't noticed until after the tournament ran, affecting 6 players (myself included). As soon as this was noticed the correct tournament was posted and I tried to notify everyone using all means possible - email, facebook, twitter and the blog. One again, apologies for the error.

8 players showed up for the Week 9 Stud event. HiRoller88 jumped out to a big lead, but was chased down and settled for third. potnets took second, and ravensfutbal scored the win and the bounty. xICEPICKx was registered for the errant tournament but didn't enter the corrected tournament. Since this may have been due to not seeing the notifications on short notice, I made the decision to award him 5 league points.

The results:

The updated Top 8 (lowest score dropped):

COLUMBIADC(2) 150.18
potnets(1) 127.88
HiRoller88 123.55
ravensfutbal(1) 108.86
Parrot2006(1) 106.67
MagnetEng 104.17
Gonavy25(1) 94.79
EJ89(1) 91.49

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tonight's Tourney - NOTE

apparently I screwed up the time for tonight's tourney, and it went off earlier today. Sincere apologies for those that signed up for it (including me).

A new tournament has been set up for the correct time. Sorry!!!!

Game Day!

Week 9 tonight, with a format of Stud and the bounty is on potnets.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 8 Results

It was requested that I post the results tonight, and given the outcome I'm happy to oblige. :-)

The format was HOSE, with 13 players. COLUMBIADC took third (and potnets got the bounty for knocking him out). MagnetEng and potnets battled back and forth for a while before both pulled an open-ended straight draw on 4th street. MagnetEng paired on 6th, but potnets hit the straight on 7th to take it down.

The results:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The second Sunday Million ticket goes to the points leader after Week 10, but as the rules state the same person cannot win both so COLUMBIADC is not eligible for it. If COLUMBIADC is still in the lead after Week 10 it will go to the second place player.

The Updated Top 8 (lowest score dropped):

COLUMBIADC(2) 143.63
potnets(1) 112.88
HiRoller88 112.22
Parrot2006(1) 97.53
MagnetEng 96.52
Gonavy25(1) 89.79
EJ89(1) 85.80
ravensfutbal 80.58

The format for Week 9 is Stud, with the bounty on potnets.

Game Day!

Week 8 tonight, with a format of HOSE. Be there!

Week 7 Results

[Apologies for the delay - overcome by life and travels]

Week 7 was Limit Omaha H/L. COLUMBIADC continued this season's domination with a win, with potnets taking second and HiRoller88 third. To top it off, COLUMBIADC split the bounty with HiRoller88, and also became our season's first 2-game winner.

The results:

The updated Top 8 (low score dropped):

COLUMBIADC(2) 127.81
HiRoller88 102.50
Parrot2006(1) 91.66
EJ89(1) 78.78
Gonavy25(1) 78.67
potnets 76.82
MagnetEng 76.02
ravensfutbal 75.58