Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 8 Results

It was requested that I post the results tonight, and given the outcome I'm happy to oblige. :-)

The format was HOSE, with 13 players. COLUMBIADC took third (and potnets got the bounty for knocking him out). MagnetEng and potnets battled back and forth for a while before both pulled an open-ended straight draw on 4th street. MagnetEng paired on 6th, but potnets hit the straight on 7th to take it down.

The results:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The second Sunday Million ticket goes to the points leader after Week 10, but as the rules state the same person cannot win both so COLUMBIADC is not eligible for it. If COLUMBIADC is still in the lead after Week 10 it will go to the second place player.

The Updated Top 8 (lowest score dropped):

COLUMBIADC(2) 143.63
potnets(1) 112.88
HiRoller88 112.22
Parrot2006(1) 97.53
MagnetEng 96.52
Gonavy25(1) 89.79
EJ89(1) 85.80
ravensfutbal 80.58

The format for Week 9 is Stud, with the bounty on potnets.

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