Friday, October 31, 2008

Bounty Update

I originally planned to have a $5 bounty on the winner from the previous week. But depending on how many people we have when the league starts, the bounty money - $45 over the season - would take too much away from the season prize pool. So for now I am keeping the bounty idea but changing it to 5 league points. If we get up to a significant number of people we can look at changing back to a cash bounty.

Alternatively we could have the previous week's winner ship $5 back for the next weeks bounty, but I'm not sure how people would feel about that (or how much of a hassle it would add). Thoughts welcome.

League rules updated here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who's In?

I would like to get an idea of how many people are going to be joining the league, or are at least interested. Please add a comment to this post to say if you are in or out, and feel free to include league suggestions as well. If you don't want your comment to be public, let me know that too. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Get This Started!

I think all of the details are sorted out. If not, we can tweak them as we go.

Season 1 will begin with the first tournament on Tuesday, Nov 11, 9pm EST on PokerStars. To find the tournament, go to Tourney, then select Private. The tournament is "MD DonkFest S1W1", ID 116969631.

The password for the tournament is UzxbJ7At

Need a PokerStars account?
Deposit $50, get $50 free! Join now.

Please make sure to pay the league fee prior to the tournament - in fact, the earlier the better. The fee for the season is $15, and can be paid via PokerStars transfer to user potnets. The city will show as Severna Park - please ensure you are transferring to the right account.

Please encourage others to join the league - more players will make the league better.

Any issues, please email me at wawhite (at) gmail (dot) com

Monday, October 27, 2008

League Details

The league seems to be taking shape - in detail at least, hopefully the players will come!

The league details (this post will be kept up to date with the latest information):

The league will have a $15 league fee which will go completely towards the league championship tourney. This is the preferred method for joining the league.

Alternatively, a $2 fee can be paid to play in a single weekly tournament. This will allow latecomers to still get in, and possibly encourage occasional players. This obviously is more of a pain to manage, so it is hoped that most will pay the season fee instead.

All league fees and payouts will be processed via PokerStars transfers. To pay a league fee initiate a transfer to player "potnets" (will show city as Severna Park). Please take care to ensure the transfer is going to the right place.

All players in the weekly tournament will earn points, with significantly more points going to the higher finishing places. Points accumulate over the season to determine a champion at the end with the most points.


A league "season" will consist of ten weekly tournaments followed by a championship tournament.

League format:
A weekly private NL hold 'em tournament on PokerStars for $5+.50
Tournament will be Tuesday nights at 9pm EST
Tournament password will be made available prior to the tournament - please do not share the password. Only paid league members should be playing in the tournament.
Everyone who plays will get league points, with points ramping up the higher you place
Bounty: Starting with week 2, there will be a 5 league point bounty on the winner of the previous week. In the event of consecutive wins no bounty is paid that week.
At the end of the season, the top 9 players in points will play a championship tourney, which will also add to the points total

The season ends after the championship tournament, with the league prize pool distributed over the top 3 point leaders. The number of payouts may be adjusted depending on how many people are in the league.

A new season will then begin.

Coming Soon - A Weekly Poker League

I am working on putting together a weekly poker league. The details are being sorted out, but it will be on PokerStars and it will be non-profit (meaning league fees go to league prizes). Likely format:

1) Weekly tournament (NL Holdem to start)
2) 10 week long "seasons"
3) Point system for managing season rankings
4) Post-season championship tournament

More details to come...