Thursday, January 28, 2010

Season 6 - Mixed Games Coming!

Look for details next week on the upcoming Season 6! If you want to get a jump on things and register now, transfer $15 on PokerStars to potnets (Columbia). Note that the city for my account has changed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

POLL: Season 6. Mixed Games

Season 6 is coming up soon, with a format of Mixed Games. In preparation, I wanted to get an idea of what games people wanted to see in the schedule. So this is your chance to help influence the lineup.

From the list below, pick up to 10 games that you would like to see and send them to mddonkfest at gmail dot com. I'll tally the top picks, and factor that in heavily when selecting the final lineup. Poll closes on Monday, so vote early!

Holdem Fixed
Holdem Pot Limit
Holdem No Limit

Holdem Fixed Heads Up
Holdem Pot Limit Heads Up
Holdem No Limit Heads Up

Omaha Fixed
Omaha Pot Limit
Omaha No Limit

Omaha Fixed Heads Up
Omaha Pot Limit Heads Up
Omaha No Limit Heads Up

Omaha H/L Fixed
Omaha H/L Pot Limit

Omaha H/L Fixed Heads Up
Omaha H/L Pot Limit Heads Up

Stud Heads Up

Stud H/L
Stud H/L Heads Up

Razz Heads Up

5 Card Draw Fixed
5 Card Draw Pot Limit
5 Card Draw No Limit

5 Card Draw Fixed Heads Up
5 Card Draw Pot Limit Heads Up
5 Card Draw No Limit Heads Up

Triple Draw 2-7 Fixed
Triple Draw 2-7 Pot Limit
Triple Draw 2-7 No Limit

Triple Draw 2-7 Fixed Heads Up
Triple Draw 2-7 Pot Limit Heads Up
Triple Draw 2-7 No Limit Heads Up

Single Draw 2-7
Single Draw 2-7 Heads Up

Badugi Heads Up

HOSE Heads Up

HORSE Heads Up

Mixed Holdem
Mixed Holdem Heads Up

Mixed Omaha H/L
Mixed Omaha H/L Heads Up

8 Game
8 Game Heads Up

Thanks for your vote!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Season 5 Champion: MagnetEng!

Congratulations to MagnetEng, who won the Championship Tournament along with a number of bounties, and in the process became the Season 5 Champion as well! Nicely done!

Coming in second in the Championship Tournament was beano583, with COLUMBIADC taking third.

In the overall standings, EJ89 and thetoycave both dropped down one spot to finish second and third for the season, respectively.

The results:

The final standings:

MagnetEng(2) 191.11
EJ89(2) 165.82
thetoycave(1) 152.18
ravensfutbal(1) 149.92
COLUMBIADC(1) 149.44
maddoggy44(2) 146.84
beano583 132.36
nekendrick 114.58
HiRoller88 109.60
*longhair 99(1) 94.05
potnets 92.73
ScottyBallin 88.77
xICEPICKx 72.43
LaxStarr1995 56.87
*r_webb18 29.15
rusdog13 18.04
elusively 16.00
mxrider 12.43

The intention of the scoring in the Championship Tournament is to balance two goals: give everyone a fair chance to improve their standing, while still giving an edge to the points leaders. This season showed that the system is working, IMO. MagnetEng came into the tournament in 5th place and was able to take down the top spot by winning the tournament along with a number of bounties. beano583 started in ninth, and had a chance at moving into the number three spot with a win - very close, and with a few more bounties who knows how it may have ended up. If anyone has more feedback on the scoring please pass it along.

Thanks to everyone for playing this season! We will be starting Season 6: Mixed Games in a few weeks, and it would be great to have a bigger turnout. Please spread the word!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Championship Game Day!

The top 9 are all registered and are no doubt going through their pregame rituals. Not in? Jump on the rail and watch the fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Season 5 Championship

It's Championship Week, and congratulations to the Top 9 players that will be competing Tuesday: EJ89, thetoycave, ravensfutbal, maddoggy44, MagnetEng, COLUMBIADC, nekendrick, HiRoller88, and beano583. Here are the tournament details:

Format: NL Hold'em
Buy-in: $10+$1
Date: January 19
Time: 9pm EST
Tourney ID: 231712210
Tourney Name: MD DonkFest S5CH
Tourney Password: emailed to participants

NOTE: I need an email address for beano583.

NOTE: Due to the way PokerStars currently runs private tournaments we are unable to disable late registration or limit the players to 9. Because of this, the tournament will start on two tables until the late registration period ends. I tried to get this changed but could not; PokerStars has said they will consider adding this feature in the future.

As we did last season, in addition to the regular scoring there will be bonus points for the top 3 tournament winners, along with a weighted bounty system.

Bonus points
There will be additional bonus points for finishing in the money in the Championship Tournament, as follows:

Place Bonus
1) 20 pts
2) 10 pts
3) 5 pts

There will be a bounty on everyone in the Championship, but it will be a weighted bounty based on the leaderboard going into the tourney, as follows:

Place Bounty
9 pts
8 pts
3)ravensfutbal 7 pts
4)maddoggy44 6 pts
5)MagnetEng 5 pts
7)nekendrick 3 pts
8)HiRoller88 2 pts
1 pt

The tournament winner will keep his own bounty. There are a lot of points up for grabs in this tournament!

The league prize pool for Season 2 is $270. Three places will be paid based on overall league points for the season, as follows:

1st place - $135.00
2nd place - $81.00
3rd place - $54.00

Good luck everyone!

Week 10 Results

NOTE: Beano583 - send me your email address (mddonkfest at gmail)

Season 5's regular season came to a close last night, with 13 runners looking to secure a spot in the Top 9 for next week's Championship Tournament. Potnets was able to grab his only cash of the season by taking third, but it wasn't enough to crack the Top 9. Thetoycave, with a league-leading 5 cashes, took second, and the mysterious maddoggy44 scored a second win, becoming the third 2-time winner of the season.

The results:

The Top 9 (lowest score dropped):

EJ89(2) 155.82
thetoycave(1) 144.93
ravensfutbal(1) 144.92
maddoggy44(2) 136.42
MagnetEng(2) 129.11
COLUMBIADC(1) 109.12
nekendrick 108.97
HiRoller88 103.26
beano583 102.15

Congratulations to the Top 9 for making it to the Championship Tournament! Details on the tournament will be posted shortly. The tournament password will be emailed to the participants. Losers Nonparticipants like yours truly are encouraged to heckle cheer from the rail, and possibly beg for $1 ("I'll pay you double tomorrow!!").

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game Day!

Tonight is Week 10, the final regular tourney of Season 5 and your last chance to secure a spot in the Top 9. Why is that important? The Top 9 will compete next week in the Championship Tournament to determine the Season 5 Champion. The Championship Tournament features lots of opportunities to grab more points, including bounties on everyone and bonus points for cashing, so everyone has a decent chance to make a big move.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 153137

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 9 Results

Week 9 proved to be very interesting, setting us up for a very exciting season end next week. Things are very tight at the top of the leader board, and there are quite a few players vying for a spot in the Top 9 for the Championship.

EJ89 had an excellent night, becoming our second two-time winner, claiming the bounty, and moving into the top overall spot. Beano583 took second, and thetoycave came in third.

The results:

The updated Top 9 (lowest score dropped):

EJ89(2) 144.70
ravensfutbal(1) 137.90
thetoycave(1) 124.43
MagnetEng(2) 121.36
COLUMBIADC(1) 103.25
nekendrick 102.57
maddoggy44(1) 100.36
beano583 92.43
HiRoller88 90.23

Game Day!

Week 9 tonight.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 8 Results

Week 8 found 12 players taking a brief break from holiday feasting to do battle on the virtual felt. COLUMBIADC emerged victorious, taking the bounty of EJ89 as well. EJ89 placed second, and thetoycave took third.

The results:

(sorry - lost the screen capture somehow)

The updated Top 9 (lowest score dropped):

ravensfutbal(1) 126.32
MagnetEng(2) 114.63
EJ89(1) 111.53
thetoycave(1) 110.28
nekendrick 97.08
maddoggy44(1) 94.30
*longhair 99(1) 83.61
HiRoller88 81.69

There are only two weeks left to capture or maintain your spot in the Top 9. The Top 9 will then compete in the Season 5 Championship Tournament to determine our season champion.