Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 10 Results

NOTE: Beano583 - send me your email address (mddonkfest at gmail)

Season 5's regular season came to a close last night, with 13 runners looking to secure a spot in the Top 9 for next week's Championship Tournament. Potnets was able to grab his only cash of the season by taking third, but it wasn't enough to crack the Top 9. Thetoycave, with a league-leading 5 cashes, took second, and the mysterious maddoggy44 scored a second win, becoming the third 2-time winner of the season.

The results:

The Top 9 (lowest score dropped):

EJ89(2) 155.82
thetoycave(1) 144.93
ravensfutbal(1) 144.92
maddoggy44(2) 136.42
MagnetEng(2) 129.11
COLUMBIADC(1) 109.12
nekendrick 108.97
HiRoller88 103.26
beano583 102.15

Congratulations to the Top 9 for making it to the Championship Tournament! Details on the tournament will be posted shortly. The tournament password will be emailed to the participants. Losers Nonparticipants like yours truly are encouraged to heckle cheer from the rail, and possibly beg for $1 ("I'll pay you double tomorrow!!").

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Barry said...

Gotta call my shot again. Looks like I need to take down almost every bounty to make a run at this...