Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Season 5 Champion: MagnetEng!

Congratulations to MagnetEng, who won the Championship Tournament along with a number of bounties, and in the process became the Season 5 Champion as well! Nicely done!

Coming in second in the Championship Tournament was beano583, with COLUMBIADC taking third.

In the overall standings, EJ89 and thetoycave both dropped down one spot to finish second and third for the season, respectively.

The results:

The final standings:

MagnetEng(2) 191.11
EJ89(2) 165.82
thetoycave(1) 152.18
ravensfutbal(1) 149.92
COLUMBIADC(1) 149.44
maddoggy44(2) 146.84
beano583 132.36
nekendrick 114.58
HiRoller88 109.60
*longhair 99(1) 94.05
potnets 92.73
ScottyBallin 88.77
xICEPICKx 72.43
LaxStarr1995 56.87
*r_webb18 29.15
rusdog13 18.04
elusively 16.00
mxrider 12.43

The intention of the scoring in the Championship Tournament is to balance two goals: give everyone a fair chance to improve their standing, while still giving an edge to the points leaders. This season showed that the system is working, IMO. MagnetEng came into the tournament in 5th place and was able to take down the top spot by winning the tournament along with a number of bounties. beano583 started in ninth, and had a chance at moving into the number three spot with a win - very close, and with a few more bounties who knows how it may have ended up. If anyone has more feedback on the scoring please pass it along.

Thanks to everyone for playing this season! We will be starting Season 6: Mixed Games in a few weeks, and it would be great to have a bigger turnout. Please spread the word!


Barry said...

Having been at or near the top in the last 2 mixed game seasons, I hated that there was SOOO much weight in the championship tourney. Barely making it into the top 9 for this one made me appreciate the fact that a huge outing would get me a big jump.

With that in mind, here's my only two complaints and one real suggestion:
1. Drop getting your own bounty when winning. You already are getting about 45 points (the 20 bonus + approx 25 for the tourney) + the bounty of 2nd place guy. On average, that's 50 points just for taking it down. Seems like anyone in the top 5 is pretty much guaranteed the season with a win in the tourney. And with the weighted bounty system, the lower seeds aren't getting much for their own bounty anyway. Just the rich potentially getting richer. Either that or the 20,10,5 bonus.

2. Just an annoyance. There HAS to be some way to make a private SNG for the final. Playing shorthanded to start the championship sucks.

3. Finally, for the one thing I think would be a real improvement. Assuming Stars continues their generosity with the Sunday Million tickets, make a one ticket per player per season limit. Ravens got them both (deservedly) this year, and I came within a point of having them both last year. The odds are good that the same person will get both, and with it being such a big prize (bigger even than the final winner's take), I think it would generate more interest if two players were guaranteed one each season. So if it were going to be a repeat, the guy in 2nd after week 7 could get his shot.

That's it. Either way, count me in for season 6. Thanks again for running the league.


- HiRoller88

Wayne W. said...

Thanks Barry - excellent feedback!

1) I'm OK with not getting your own bounty. I still like the top 3 bonus for the Championship, unless I turn out to be in the minority on it.

2) I hate it too. I've asked PokerStars about it and all they will say is they will consider it for the future. So I doubt it will change soon. I look for it, though, so if it does change we'll be in good shape.

3) Another excellent idea, which I will add to the rules. Spread the love, and all that.
I was also toying with bumping the first one to Week 4 to make it more competitive, and the second to Week 10 to make it a regular season winner bonus (especially since it is likely someone else will win the season). Still thinking on that though.

Keep the comments coming!