Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 1 Results

We had 13 players battle it out in week 1, with EJ89 taking down the top spot along with the 5 point bounty. The honor of going out first went to Craig1625. The remaining field battled for about an hour and a half, with the top 3 spots going to EJ89, potnets and FiveFingerz. The final hand was JJ vs. TT, all-in preflop. A Jack on the flop (along with 2 6's) and a Ten on the turn made it interesting, but the jacks held up in a boat-over-boat finale. The rundown:

The points standings after week 1 of 10:

EJ89 36.06
potnets 20.50
FiveFingerz 15.82
mxrider 13.03
nekendrick 11.12
ravensfutbal 9.72
maddoggy44 8.63
UAEgreg 7.75
DarkRattler 7.02
themerk08 6.40
laxstarr1995 5.87
BaltoBruiser 5.41
Craig1625 5.00

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