Sunday, November 23, 2008

MDP is Dead, Long Live FftD!

In its heyday, was a pretty cool place to hang out. It wasn't perfect - the owners of the site had basically put the site on autopilot - but it got the job done, and many of the folks in this league met each other and stayed connected through MDP.

Tragically, MDP was struck down a couple of months ago, a victim of a virtual drive-by shooting. Despite assurances from the owners that MDP would be back quickly, brain functions ceased and all that is left is for the plug to be pulled. MDP is over, its members slowly wandering away from their keyboards and rejoining normal society.

But normal society wasn't the answer. The void needed to be filled. Enter Forum for the Degenizens - FftD for short. The faithful began discovering it as it took shape, and it is now ready to take its place as a premium time-suck in the lives of former MDP-dwellers. But it is much more than a MDP replacement - this place is all about its members.

If you aren't already there, check it out: