Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playoff/Payout Details

Here is how the end of the season will go.

After the 10 regular weeks of the season, the 9 players at the top of the scoreboard will play in a "Championship" STT. The points from this tournament will be added to the regular season totals to determine the final league standings.

Since the Championship STT will not have the usual bounty in play, it will be a 2-pt knockout tourney instead. Each player will essentially have a 2-pt bounty - knock someone out, you get their 2 points. The tourney winner keeps the 2 points they they didn't give up. So that puts 18 extra points into play for the Championship in addition to the usual tournament points - lots of opportunity to move up in the standings. It also makes getting into the top 9 critical during the regular season!

At the conclusion of the Championship tourney the top 3 point leaders overall will get a share of the league prize pool, as follows:

1st place - 50%
2nd place - 30%
3rd place - 20%

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