Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 10 Results

The final regular week of Season 4 was Limit Stud H/L, and 13 players showed up hoping to secure a spot in next week's Championship Tournament. For the first time ever the bounty was split, with Ehonda500Mob and rusdog13 going high-low to take out ravensfutbal. Ehonda500Mob built up a huge chip lead, but was worn down by the cruelty that is Stud H/L and settled for third. HiRoller88 continued an impressive cashing record by taking second, and potnets was a very improbable winner having been at the bottom for much of the tournament.

Despite there being a sizable "Top 8 bubble" the Top 8 was unchanged by this tournament, except for the positioning within it.

One notable Top Eighter is TeamGetBig, who held on to a spot despite missing four out of ten tournaments. Two wins didn't hurt!

The results:

The final Top 8 (lowest score for the season dropped):

HiRoller88(1) 171.19
potnets(1) 132.04
ravensfutbal(1) 120.48
thetoycave(1) 119.00
COLUMBIADC(1) 115.93
TwoDuxx2(1) 113.22
ScottyBallin(1) 100.66
TeamGetBig(2) 99.16

Congrats to the Top 8, and a big thanks to all that played this season. Season 5 will be all NL Holdem, and it would be great to have a big turnout. If you know others who might like to play, spread the word!

Details on next week's Championship Tournament will be sent out (and posted) shortly.

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