Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season 5 Rules and Details

Updated 10/29/2009

Tournaments for Season 5 will be NL Holdem.

The league details for Season 5 (this post will be kept up to date with the latest information):

The league will have a $15 league fee which will go completely towards the league prize pool.

All league fees and payouts will be processed via PokerStars transfers. To pay a league fee initiate a funds transfer to player "potnets" (will show city as Severna Park). Please take care to ensure the transfer is going to the right place. Other payment methods can be accommodated but PS transfer is strongly preferred.

All players in the weekly tournament will earn points, with significantly more points going to the higher finishing places. Points accumulate over the season to determine a champion at the end with the most points. The lowest score for each player over the 10-week season will be dropped, to accommodate late-joining players and people missing an occasional tournament.


A league "season" will consist of ten weekly tournaments followed by a championship tournament.

League format:
A weekly private tournament on PokerStars for $5+.50
Tournaments for Season 5 will be NL Holdem
Tournaments will be Tuesday nights at 9pm EST starting November 10, 2009
Tournament password will be made available on the league blog prior to the tournament
Every registered league member who plays will get league points, with points ramping up the higher you place

Bounty: For Season 5 there will be a 5 point bounty (no cash) on the winner of the previous week. In the event of consecutive wins the winner gets the bounty. The bounty will be added to the points earned during the tournament. The week 1 bounty is the Season 4 Champion. If the league has extra money (via PokerStars signups or from donations, for example) in the future, we will return to cash bounty payouts.

Additional Prizes:
PokerStars has generously agreed to continue supporting our league in Season 4, with the same bonus prizes as last season:

League points leader after Week 3: Entry in the Sunday Million Tournament on PokerStars
League points leader after Week 7: Entry in the Sunday Million Tournament on PokerStars
Final Top 3 finishers: Custom PokerStars shirts

Thanks PokerStars!

When determining the points leaders for Weeks 3 and 7, the following will apply:
Week 3 leader: Will NOT reflect the lowest score dropped
Week 7 leader: Will reflect the lowest score dropped

At the end of the season, the Top 9 players in league points will play a Championship Tourney, which will also add to the points total. This will be a $10+1 NL Holdem tournament. In addition to the regular scoring, this tournament will also offer bonus points as follows:

The bounties and bonus points for the Championship Tourney are as follows:

There will be a league points bounty (no cash bounty) on everyone in the Championship, but it will be a weighted bounty based on the leaderboard going into the tourney, as follows:

1)9 pts
2)8 pts
3)7 pts
4)6 pts
5)5 pts
6)4 pts
7)3 pts
2 pts
1 pt

Bonus points
There will be additional bonus points for finishing in the money in the Championship, as follows:
1)20 pts
2)10 pts
3)5 pts

The season ends after the championship tournament, with the league prize pool distributed over the top 3 point leaders for the season. The number of payouts may be adjusted depending on how many people are in the league.

Two league policies to be aware of:

1) Sitting out - Any player that registers for a tourney but doesn't actually play any hands (i.e. sits out until blinded off) will receive last place points for that tourney. It is OK (and even encouraged) to register to get 5 points for a tourney you can't attend, but it isn't fair to get more points than an active player in that case. You must actually play at least one hand in a tourney to be eligible for more than last place points.

2) Non-league players - Non-league players are welcome to play in any regular league tournaments. This only increases the weekly prize pool, and league points are only awarded to active league players. No league points will be awarded retroactively should a player later join the league. Non-league players are not eligible to win a cash bounty (if any). Of course, anyone playing in these tournaments is welcome and encouraged to join the league!

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