Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season 4 Champion: HiRoller88

Congratulations to our Season 4 Champion: HiRoller88! Not only did he win in convincing fashion, he was able to cash in the Sunday Million event using the entry he won in Week 7. Hopefully he will submit a writeup of his experience there.

Due to circumstances involving an alternate filling in for what then became a last minute sign-in we had 9 people for our 8-person "single-table" Championship HORSE tournament. This will likely result in a rule about signing up earlier for the Championship... stay tuned.

TwoDuxx2 and thetoycave both made a good run at overtaking HiRoller88's point lead, but were unable to outlast the Championship Tournament winner, TeamGetBig. TwoDuxx2 was second and thetoycave came in third.

For the overall league standings, HiRoller88 was first and received $125, TwoDuxx2 was second for $75, and thetoycave third for $50. The top 3 will also be receiving custom PokerStars shirts. Thanks to everyone who played this Season!

The results:

The final standings:

HiRoller88(1) 180.61
TwoDuxx2(1) 158.43
thetoycave(1) 152.32
TeamGetBig(3) 150.16
potnets(1) 142.04
COLUMBIADC(1) 126.18
ravensfutbal(1) 125.48
ScottyBallin(1) 106.27
xICEPICKx 104.04
ki steelers 96.69
goateedude 94.97
rusdog13 92.52
EJ89 89.62
EHonda500Mob(1) 88.42
LaxStarr1995 51.67
DarkRattler 21.59
jack10offsut 21.49
Biggfella 15.00

Season 5 will be NL Holdem, and we are hoping for a big turnout. If you know anyone who would like to join us, please encourage them to do so - all are welcome!

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