Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Season 4, By The Numbers

Number of league members: 18
Average weekly attendance: 15
Most 1st place finishes: 2 (TeamGetBig)
Most cashes: 6 (HiRoller88)
Best average finish: 4.8 (HiRoller88)
Most bounties: 2 (TeamGetBig, Ehonda500Mob, ravensfutbal)
Weeks where 1st place also won the bounty: 6

Other notes:
TeamGetBig made the Top 8 despite missing 4 tournaments
Everyone in the Top 8 had at least one tournament win
HiRoller88's 41 point lead is the largest end of season lead to date
For the second season in a row someone has dropped out of the Top 8/9 by not playing Week 10

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