Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 8 Results

Smallish turnout this week - summer doldrums no doubt.

Rico11597 built up a big lead throughout the tourney, but had to settle for third. Potnets staged a late comeback to land in second. The star of the night was jack10offsut, who took down the bounty as well as the tourney, AND becomes this season's first two-game winner. Congrats!

The results:

The updated Top 9 (lowest score for the season dropped):

potnets(1) 130.25
jack10offsut(2) 127.34
goateedude(1) 117.71
Shelties(1) 114.11
maddoggy44(1) 112.19
Occhawk(1) 106.08
rusdog13 99.22
Rico11597(1) 98.99
StacyB98 85.53

Bounty next week will be on jack10offsut.

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