Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Week 6 Results

At a time in the season when points are more important than ever, Week 6 saw the top 5 points leaders stumble. In a field of 16 here is how they fared:

potnets 16th
Shelties 15th
jack10offsut DNP
maddoggy44 11th
StacyB98 10th

This is good news for the rest of the field as it tightens things up considerably going into Week 7.

Goateedude was able to take full advantage of the opportunity, taking down the tournament and moving into second place overall and just a few points behind first. xICEPICKx came in second and ImBetterDude snared third. DadsWD took out maddoggy44 for the bounty.

The results:

The updated Top 9 (lowest score for the season dropped):

potnets(1) 103.05
goateedude(1) 99.88
Shelties(1) 92.49
maddoggy44(1) 90.82
jack10offsut(1) 88.24
StacyB98 80.53
rico11597(1) 75.93
xICEPICKx 70.38
rusdog13 70.00

The points leader after Week 7 receives a Sunday Million ticket from PokerStars, so next week's tournament will be very interesting. $5 bounty on goateedude.

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