Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 10 Results

Week 10 saw 10 players vying for a spot in next week's Top 9 Championship. Jack10offsut was coming off back-to-back victories and looking to retain the league lead. Despite being low on chips much of the way, he fought back for 3rd place and yet another cash. Goateedude came in second, and DadsWD claimed the bounty and moved into the Top 9 with the win. Congrats all!

The results:

The final Top 9:

jack10offsut(3) 176.83
potnets(1) 152.89
goateedude(1) 142.89
maddoggy44(1) 135.99
Shelties(1) 128.33
Rico11597(1) 120.34
Occhawk(1) 118.23
rusdog13 114.18
DadsWD(1) 113.12

Details for next week's Championship tournament will be posted shortly, and the password will be emailed to the Top 9 participants. Rico11597 - I need an email address for you. You can leave it as a comment here (it won't get published).

Thanks again to everyone for playing! Season 4 will be mixed games - stay tuned for details.

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