Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 7 Results

Week 7 was our second Sunday Million ticket giveaway, and potnets managed to cling to the points lead despite another early exit. Occhawk was the tourney winner. Rusdog13 took out goateedude for the bounty and second place, and DadsWD came in third.

The results:

The updated Top 9 (lowest score for the season dropped):

potnets(1) 108.79
goateedude(1) 108.57
maddoggy44(1) 100.46
Shelties(1) 100.40
Occhawk(1) 97.85
jack10offsut(1) 94.92
rusdog13 92.39
xICEPICKx 84.74
rico11597(1) 82.39

The $5 bounty will be on Occhawk next week.

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