Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Stats From Season 3

Number of league members: 24 (same as Season 2)
Average weekly attendance: 17 (same as Season 2)
Most 1st place finishes: 3 (jack10offsut)
Most cashes: 4 (jack10offsut and potnets)
Best average finish: 4.0 (jack10offsut)
Most bounties: 2 (jack10offsut and rusdog13)
Weeks where 1st place also won the bounty: 4, again including the last 3 weeks in a row

Other notes:
jack10offsut leads the league despite missing 2 tournaments
rusdog13 made the Top 9 without a 1st place finish (but with 2 cashes)
Everyone else who won a tournament also made the Top 9

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