Sunday, July 12, 2009

Season 4 - Mixed Games

Season 4 is upon us, and league fees are now being accepted. Season 4 Week 1 will kick off August 4 at 9pm EST, and will feature a mixed games format. The games schedule is below.

League fee: $15, all of which goes into the league prize pool. As we did last season, there will be a 5 league point bonus for early registrations. The league fee must be received by midnight EST on Friday, July 31 to receive the early registration bonus.

Preferred payment method is via PokerStars transfer to potnets (Severna Park). Please make sure you transfer to the right account!

PokerStars Prizes: It is not yet known if PokerStars will offer additional prizes as they did in Season 3 - I hope to have an update on that shortly.

Season 4 schedule:

Week 1: HORSE
Week 2: Razz
Week 3: Holdem Mixed
Week 4: Stud
Week 5: Omaha H/L Mixed
Week 6: Holdem NL Heads Up
Week 7: Badugi
Week 8: 8-Game
Week 9: Triple Draw 2-7 PL
Week 10: Stud H/L

Championship: HORSE

League Policy Updates

1) Sitting out - Any player that registers for a tourney but doesn't actually play any hands (i.e. sits out until blinded off) will receive last place points. It is OK (and even encouraged) to register to get 5 points for a tourney you can't attend, but it isn't fair to get more points than an active player in that case. You must actually play at least one hand to get more than last place points.

2) Non-league players - Non-league players are welcome to play in any regular league tournaments. This only increases the weekly prize pool, and league points are only awarded to active league players. No league points will be awarded retroactively should a player later join the league. Of course, anyone playing in these tournaments is welcome and encouraged to join the league!

The complete rules and details for Season 4 will be posted shortly (no significant changes from Season 3).

Finally, thanks to everyone who has participated in the league, and good luck in Season 4!

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