Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jack10offsut - Season 3 Champ

Season 3 has ended - thanks to everyone who played and we hope to see you for Season 4, Mixed Games!

Jack10offsut brought a big lead into the tournament, but took no chances by taking down three bounties and the Championship Tournament as well. He finishes the season way out in front with 5 cashes and 4 outright wins, and is our Season 3 Champion - Congratulations!

Potnets finished 5th in the tournament, holding on to 2nd place overall.

Rusdog13 came into the tourney in 8th place, but proceeded to take down 4 bounties and 2nd in the tournament to take 3rd in the league - nice job!

Occhawk placed third in the tournament.

The results:

The final standings:

jack10offsut(4) 236.11
potnets(1) 160.54
rusdog13 156.18
goateedude(1) 147.89
Occhawk(1) 142.56
maddoggy44(1) 142.54
Shelties(1) 137.47
Rico11597(1) 120.34
DadsWD(1) 118.81
xICEPICKx 108.89
StacyB98 96.18
ImBetterDude 85.50
TwoDuxx2 77.03
EJ89 76.52
dankimball 73.05
EHonda500Mob 59.44
kentlandjay 58.83
ravensfutbal 50.60
nekendrick 46.91
HiRoller88 28.23
A7X CHAPTER4 20.02
yankster91 18.28
Yankees31 17.93
old9ofhearts 16.48

Thanks again for another great season, and we hope to see everyone out for Season 4 featuring mixed games.

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