Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Game Day!

Heads-Up! It's time for Week 6 of Season 2, and this week's format is... NLHE Heads-Up. If you haven't played one of these before, everyone pairs off for a one-on-one match. When all of those matches complete, the winners are paired up and the next round begins. Note that the first round will likely have an off-number of people for the brackets, so some (random) folks may get a bye for the first round. Also, if you finish a match early you may have a bit of a wait for all of the other matches to finish.


As people lose matches, PS will give you a finishing place based on when you go out. That is rather arbitrary though, since it doesn't matter who goes out first in a round; only the winners move on. So for the league points, they will go as follows:

1 player gets 1st place points
1 player gets 2nd place points
2 players get 4th place points
4 players get 8th place points
and so on...

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