Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 8 Results

St. Patrick's Day appeared to put a dent in the turnout, but we still had 14 possibly inebriated players for the HOSE tournament. Arcturus came in third, leaving goateedude and EJ89 to battle it out for the win and the bounty - EJ89 with the chance to become the first to claim a self bounty. It wasn't to be, however, as goateedude put him away for the win, the bounty and a big jump in the league standings.

The results:

The updated Top 8 (lowest score for the season dropped):

ravensfutbal(1) 133.29
HiRoller88(1) 130.87
Biggfella(2) 122.37
Arcturus(1) 104.58
goateedude(1) 99.62
xICEPICKx 99.55
EJ89(1) 97.24
potnets 92.41

Only two weeks left - keep an eye on that "Top 8 Bubble". Next week will be Pot Limit Hold'em, with a $5 bounty on goateedude.

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