Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're Getting The League Back Together (Maybe...)

This new Home Games feature has a tournament/league component that might be interesting. I'd like to give it a try to see if we can get the league going again.

A brief summary of the differences:

Old league: Lotsa work for me
New league: very little work for me

They support monthly, quarterly or yearly league seasons, and they track the league results. No idea yet how they do the points, except that it will be completely different than our old way.

To try this out, I'm thinking we do a trial season starting immediately, with no entry fee (each tournament still has a fee and a payout). Some executive decisions I made in the last two minutes include:

- seasons will be quarterly
- trial season will be NL Holdem, $10 + $1 entry plus $2.50 Knockout fee
- Knock someone out, you get their $2.50. Win, and you get your own $2.50 too
- If the trial works out, we can add an entry fee to have a payout at the end of the season, like before
- trial season starts next Tuesday, 1/18, 8pm
- yes, I changed the start to 8pm


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