Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 7 Results

I've been a little slow in getting results out lately - sorry about that, overcome by life and work. I'll try to get it back together for the remainder of the season.

Week 7 had 10 players, a decent turnout for a light summer season. EJ89 placed third, and potnets and ravensfutbal duked it out for a while before a winner emerged. I believe a 10-1 lead was traded back and forth several times before ravensfutbal finally took it down (and the bounty as well).

The results:

The updated Top 9:

potnets(2) 114.30
ravensfutbal(1) 101.36
HiRoller88(2) 80.02
BeardieDog 65.19
EJ89 62.96
thetoycave 59.50
fatwilbur87 58.94
nekendrick 49.25

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