Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 10 Results

The final regular tournament of Season 7 had a Sunday Million ticket on the line - congratulations to ravensfutbal for locking up the ticket. Good luck!

For the tournament, EJ89 took third, COLUMBIADC second, and HiRoller88 scored his third victory of the season. BeardieDog and potnets chopped the bounty by tying in the hand that took out ravensfutbal.

The results:

The final Top 9 (lowest score dropped):

potnets(3) 164.81
ravensfutbal(2) 143.03
COLUMBIADC(2) 127.55
HiRoller88(3) 108.30
BeardieDog 93.53
thetoycave 90.57
EJ89 85.10
fatwilbur87 81.46
nekendrick 69.57

Congrats! The Championship Tournament will be on 9/7, with the password to be emailed to the participants. Rules and details will be posted shortly.

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