Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 5 Results

Week 5's 8-game drew a relatively small number with 13 players, but still turned into a marathon that didn't end until 12:30am. We were down to 4 at 11pm, then it took 35 minutes to get to 3 and another 35 minutes to get to 2. In that 70 minutes 167 hands were played - by contrast it only took 198 hands to eliminate the first 9 players. In the end Gonavy25 outlasted ravensfutbal for the win, with potnets taking third and the bounty.

The results:

The updated Top 8 (lowest score dropped):

Parrot2006(1) 79.93
Gonavy25(1) 67.57
HiRoller88 65.73
Biggfella(1) 65.56
EJ89(1) 60.75
MagnetEng 60.66
ravensfutbal 59.46

Next week's format will be Heads-up NL Holdem, a favorite (of some at least).

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