Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 8 Results

The format for Week 8 was 8-Game, so hopefully everyone had at least a few games they liked in the mix. thetoycave was the tournament winner, with TwoDuxx2 in second. HiRoller88 took down the bounty along with third, and kept the league points lead.

The Results:

Updated Top 8:

HiRoller88(1) 130.19
COLUMBIADC(1) 101.89
TeamGetBig(2) 99.16
thetoycave(1) 97.77
TwoDuxx2(1) 95.70
potnets 91.26
ScottyBallin(1) 87.34
ki steelers 84.67

Lots of people on the Top 8 bubble, so watch your points over the last two weeks! The format next week will be Triple Draw 2-7 PL, so there might be a little action...

Season 5 will be all NL Holdem and will start a couple of weeks after the Season 4 Championship tournament. If you have any friends that might be interested in playing, start spreading the word now. Let's have a great turnout (and prize pool) for Season 5!

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