Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 5 Results

The Format for week 5 was Mixed Omaha H/L. COLUMBIADC continued this season's trend of taking the bounty then going on to win the tournament. In the process, he also moved into the league points lead. Nicely done! ki steelers came in second, and ravensfutbal took third.

Reminder: the points leader after Week 7 will receive a Sunday Million ticket, so keep an eye on the points!

The results:

The updated Top 8 (lowest score dropped):

ki steelers 67.89
HiRoller88 66.83
EHonda500Mob(1) 63.91
TwoDuxx2(1) 63.10
TeamGetBig(1) 61.27
ravensfutbal 58.73
ScottyBallin(1) 58.39

Next week's format will be the ever-popular Holdem NL Heads Up, with a bounty on COLUMBIADC. Don't miss it!


Barry said...

Damn, I know 11th out of 14 sucks, but 0 points? Thought by showing up I got 5 at least.

Wayne W. said...

Oops, guess I should have mentioned that starting with week 5 the lowest score for the year is dropped. Week 5 was apparently your low score to date.

The "drop the lowest score" thing is outlined in the rules - I just wait until Week 5 to start it so the scoring doesn't look all wacky for the first few weeks.