Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 5 Results

I thought this week's bounty was going to fall in the first hand when E made a comment preflop about having 2-4 and my cards just happened to be 2-4. Of course the flop came down 3-5-6. E led out $100 and I raised to $500, but when he pushed I knew he spoke the truth. All-in first hand for the bounty, only to get a chop.

The 5-point bounty went to nekendrick and that took the remaining nine to the final table. Along with the bounty, nekendrick took down third place. Second went to raquel1988, and this weeks winner is xICEPICKx. Keep an eye out for xICEPICKx next week - there's a 5 point bounty on his head.

Updated standings:

potnets 79.19
EJ89 75.84
Ehonda500Mob 71.16
themerk08 66.95
HiRoller88 65.86
maddoggy44 64.96
nekendrick 55.28
UAEgreg 53.39
==== Top 9 ===
Craig1625 50.00
ravensfutbal 45.76
xICEPICKx 45.75
FiveFingerz 41.09
laxstarr1995 34.13
BaltoBruiser 28.33
Kore89 22.09
A7X CHAPTER4 21.95
nutz4you 19.94
mxrider 19.93
DarkRattler 7.02

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