Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bonus Situation

See that little flashing PokerStars logo over there on the right? That's an affiliate link, meaning if someone clicks on that and opens a new PokerStars account, funds it, and meets a minimum level of play we get some money. Well somebody actually did that (thank you!!) so now we have a few more bucks to work with.

Next season, we will be having a $5 cash bounty each week instead of a 5 point bounty, which should provide a little more instant gratification. We will still do a 2-point knockout bounty for the championship tourney.

In addition, there is still $25 left over that will go into this season's prize pool, pushing us over the $300 mark! That accounts for all of the money received, which maintains our non-profit status - this league is all about the love. :-)

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