Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 3 Results

Week 3 saw ravensfutbal score his third consecutive cash. His first win remained elusive however, as HiRoller88 held onto a big chip lead to take first. EJ89 placed third and also won the bounty.

The results:

The Updated Top 9:

potnets 54.63
ravensfutbal 49.74
EJ89 39.16
HiRoller88 31.34
fatwilbur87* 31.34
nekendrick 26.34
BeardieDog 22.93
thetoycave 19.50

Next week will be Week 4, and the points leader after Week 4 receives a Sunday Million entry worth $215! The bounty next week will be on HiRoller88.

NOTE: For the folks that made new deposits to start the season and were unable to transfer funds, the funds should be freeing up now. Please send the $15 to "potnets (Columbia)" this week so that the league prize pool is correct. All league fees must be paid prior to next week's tournament - please contact me if you are still having trouble transferring so we can make other arrangements.

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