Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Season 6 Champion: HiRoller88!

Congratulations to the Season 6 Champion, HiRoller88!

Things were shaken up early when the points leader, COLUMBIADC, was knocked out first. Gonavy25 made a strong bid to move into the Top 3 for the season, but could not put away HiRoller88 who took down 4 bounties along with the tournament to overtake potnets and secure the top spot for the season. Remarkably, this was the first win of the season for HiRoller88, but the 7th cash, an impressive display of consistency and strong play.

The Championship Tournament was won by HiRoller88, with Gonavy25 in second and potnets third. For the season, HiRoller88 was first ($125), potnets second ($75) and COLUMBIADC third ($50). Congratulations and thanks to all that played this season!

The results:

The final standings:

HiRoller88(1) 198.09
potnets(2) 179.83
COLUMBIADC(2) 161.36
Gonavy25(1) 132.74
Parrot2006(1) 130.58
ravensfutbal(1) 126.18
EJ89(1) 110.09
MagnetEng 109.58
xICEPICKx 98.71
raquel1988 82.78
BeardieDog(1)* 80.48
Biggfella(1) 75.28
thetoycave 49.46
LaxStarr1995 29.71
c2d2 29.55
tim299 15.69
DarkRattler 14.65

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