Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 2 Results

Another great turnout, with a few new league members joining the fun. Welcome! There was a lot of action in the tournament - quads came up at least three times. Potnets lost a big chip lead late in the tourney to one of those quads, and settled for third. Occhawk took out Shelties for the bounty, and went on to take second place. First place went to jack10offsut. Congrats to all!

The results:

The updated top 9:

jack10offsut(1) 60.87
Shelties(1) 57.79
StacyB98 42.57
Occhawk 39.16
potnets 38.89
nekendrick 32.76
xICEPICKx 27.55
dankimball 26.96
rusdog13 25.81

Remember, the points leader after Week 3 gets an entry into the Sunday Million, so keep an eye on those points! $5 bounty on jack10offsut.


Anonymous said...

week 3 results??!?

Wayne W. said...

Oops! My bad, post title corrected.

Thanks for catching that!