Friday, April 24, 2009

Stars couldn't pick a better time to offer a deposit bonus!

I was thinking this morning, "Wow, by the end of today, some people will have made the very the wise choice to get those extra five points, for getting their league dues in before the Friday night deadline," and those that don't, will probably feel a little salty they didn't, when week 3 comes and they finish back about 2 points from a $215 ticket to the Sunday Million.

Then it struck me. Stars has a reload bonus going right now; 20%, up to $120! What better time, then RIGHT NOW to go ahead, fund your account, ship Potnets the $15 for your league dues, since you're probably going to end up playing ANYWAY on Tuesday night, which is our first game, and get rocking on clearing your newly awarded Stars re-load bonus! Get busy!!

See all on Tuesday night!


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